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Culture differences

Your cultural background may be different from that of the family you work for. Or the family may practice a different religion or have different customs from the one’s you are used to. They might even have an altogether different outlook on life. But don’t think of these differences as problems, instead see them as a way to expand your horizons.

Respect the family’s customs

Never make fun of their heritage or try to teach the child that your way is better.

Learn by asking

A good sitter becomes part of the family, whether she’s living in or working nice to five. And that means learning as much about them as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask questions that will help you appreciate the family’s culture and customs.

Share your own culture

A different worldview can expand anyone’s horizons. If the family is open to the idea, teach the child ( and parents) ¬†about your culture. Explaining how holidays are celebrated in your family, singing native songs or baking recipes you grew up with lets a family learn more about you, while enriching a child’s life. It can also bring all of you closer together.


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