Problem Solving

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Hopefully, your relationship with the child’s parents will be mostly smooth, but face facts; conflicts will come up. When something goes wrong, here’s how to bring the problem out in the open way

Be honest

Without honest communication, little misunderstandings become big ones. Talk openly about what’s upsetting you and you can expect the parents to do the same.

Be specific

Instead of complaining in general ( The day is stressful), use examples that make your case clearly ( there is no time in between driving to activities for me to get the laundry done)

Work on a resolution

Together try to find a solution to the problem, not only for the child’s sake, but to ensure continued success of the relationship.

Keep the child out of it

Issues or disagreements about the child or the job should never be discussed in front of the child.

Don’t accumulate

Instead of letting all your complaints pile up for months, then spitting them out in a resentful tirade, focus on one major issue at a time.

Don’t accuse

Avoid putting the parents on the defensive. Instead of saying “you keep doing this” say “I’m not happy when this happens”. It also helps to put a positive spin on it: “I think it might work better if … ”

Don’t ignore the response

Remember, there are 2 sides to every issue. Even if you don’t agree with the parent’s side, it’s important that you listen to it.

Don’t take it personally
Parents want what’s best for their children and when they ask you to change they way you do something, that’s the reason. Try not to see suggestions as a criticism of you.


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